Sports Trafficking Featured in TIP for 1st Time

Sports Trafficking Featured in TIP for 1st Time

Mission 89 is proud to share that, for the first time ever, the US State Department’s Trafficking in Persons Report has included information about sports trafficking, greatly increasing public exposure of the problem and laying the groundwork for greater international discussion of the topic.

The inclusion marks the end of a successful month for Mission 89, following fruitful round table discussions in conjunction with Istanbul Bilgi University and SOAS University of London.

The “Human Trafficking of Athletes” section of the document (p.26-27) outlines the mechanisms through which athletes are misled, as well as the dangers faced by victims worldwide. Trafficking in European football is given particular focus through a case study of FIFA’s player recruitment regulation, and most importantly, the segment concludes with a lengthy discussion of the meaningful changes that need to be made to address the issue. Suggestions include greater due diligence on agents, increased coordination between governmental youth services and sports services, and nationwide public awareness initiatives.

Lerina Bright, Executive Director of Mission 89 welcomes the greater exposure of trafficking in sport, saying “We at Mission 89 are continually advocating for this issue to receive greater public attention, and it is encouraging that the US State Department’s Report has acknowledged the dangers facing vulnerable athletes worldwide due to the prevalence of trafficking.”

The US State Department Trafficking in Persons Report 2020 is the “world’s most comprehensive resource of governmental anti-trafficking efforts”, and can be found here.

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