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Research conducted by an individual scholar or an academic institution and published in a journal.

Child Labour, Sport Labour

By: Peter Donnelly Child Labour, Sport Labour: Applying Child Labour Laws to Sport McMaster University, Hamilton, Canada International Review for the Sociology of Sport 32/4(1997) 389-40 donnelly1997

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Expanding Game, Expanding Opportunity

Expanding Game, Expanding Opportunity: The Effect of Athlete Migration on Czech Ice Hockey from 1993 to 2018 Authors: William Crossan Article: Sport in Society Vol 23, 2020-Issue 3 Expanding Game, Expanding Opportunity: The Effect of Athlete...

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Footballers, Migrants and Scholars

Footballers, Migrants and Scholars: The Globalization of US Men’s College Soccer Authors: Kirk Ryan & Anthony Weaver Article: Soccer & Society (Taylor & Francis) Vol 20, 2019- Issue 6 Footballers, Migrants and Scholars: The...

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